Small business marketing involves embracing one’s size

Small businesses may often feel as if they are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to competing with large companies.

WordPress Plug-in Strategy

by Guest Blogger Karl Walinskas Hurrah! Open Source Software! We love it! Really? I’m not a tech genius nor do I play one on TV, but all the hype about how easy WordPress and other comparable stuff makes your life easy is overstated, at best. My latest escapade into herding cats is trying to manage … Read more

Begin preparing for Small Business Saturday

On the day after Thanksgiving, store owners and consumers will brace themselves for the onslaught of business that always takes place on Black Friday.

Unique selling propositions – an important small business marketing tip

There are quite a few variables small business marketers must consider when they embark on a branding campaign.

Internet marketing for small businesses can benefit from the use of apps

There are a number of different advantages that technology provides for small businesses.

Small business marketing solutions can include software solutions

One of the disadvantages that small businesses often find themselves laboring under is the discrepancy between resources at their disposal and what large corporations have available.

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was designed to give the “Main Street” stores a chance to cash in on the incredible shopping opportunity that follows Thanksgiving. Black Friday promotions have long heralded the launch of the holiday shopping season and given major retailers a chance to put their best offers of the season out to the public … Read more

Tips for a cohesive online small business marketing strategy

There is quite a lot for small business owners and marketers to keep in mind when they begin a campaign of advertising on the internet.

Some small business marketing advice from the playbook of Microsoft

The tragic death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs earlier this year has created an outpouring of articles about the life and style of this brilliant man. However, there is another visionary who is still among us who has arguably done more to influence the world.

Small Business Saturday gets a boost from Google and Twitter

After the excitement of Black Friday has died down, local companies are encouraged to take advantage of an event specifically tailored to garner them additional customers.

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