Begin preparing for Small Business Saturday

On the day after Thanksgiving, store owners and consumers will brace themselves for the onslaught of business that always takes place on Black Friday. Analysts will be wondering whether the rush will be enough to stimulate the economy, while customers will simply be looking for a good deal on holiday gifts. However, one group that tends to be left out in this rush to save is small businesses.

Fortunately, the yearly event known as Small Business Saturday is poised to grow bigger than ever, offering local companies the chance to get some of the attention their larger counterparts usually monopolize. One of the best ways for organizations to make the most of Small Business Saturday is to offer value in the form of discounts, sale items and special promotions. Of course, there is always the tried and true method of giving away promotional products. Here are some items that can be particularly successful soon after Thanksgiving.

Bracelet USB flash drives
Most people have data they need to keep on them at all times, so it might not be a bad idea for them to literally keep it on them. Bracelet USB flash drives can be customized to market a particular store or office, and will be an interesting addition to the growing number of technological devices customers seem to enjoy.

Folding umbrellas
A promotional umbrella is one of those unique items that no one can refuse. After all, who wants to be caught in a downpour or sleet storm without some way to stay dry and comfortable? A folding umbrella in particular will be appreciated by consumers simply because it provides an unobtrusive manner in which to avoid the inclement weather that frequently comes calling around the holidays.

Acrylic tumblers
The slow economic recovery happening across the country has seen people attempting to cut costs any way that they can. That’s why promotional acrylic tumblers are such fantastic products for a giveaway. Besides promoting a small business, they allow people to enjoy their favorite coffee drinks without needing to go to a fancy coffee shop every morning.

Ceramic coffee mugs
The promotional coffee mug is one of the most reliable personalized marketing products. Few people ever have enough mugs to accommodate every guest at the holidays, so one that bears the name of a company that’s given a consumer considerable value will be very much appreciated.

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