Small business marketing may soon involve optimizing sites for tablets

Successfully appealing to customers often involves predicting how they’re going to see a business or company. That makes it very important to know what kinds of devices they’ll be using when they shop or research products and services. Given the stratospheric rise of the tablet PC, it may be a good idea for marketers to take advantage of this burgeoning platform.

According to a Hubspot internet marketing survey, 11 percent of adults own a tablet of some kind. Considering that this technology has only been around for a couple of years, it isn’t difficult to believe that adoption will rise steadily in the coming years.

One way to prepare a company’s website for tablet use is by keeping in mind that tablets are largely mobile devices. This means that companies should be sure to connect their names and addresses with Google Maps, Google Local and other platforms that make finding a business on the go easy.

Additionally, tablet-optimized websites should be aesthetically appealing. Many consumers who use these devices are drawn to well-made sites that can be navigated intuitively, so make sure not to neglect page design when creating a commercial web presence.

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