Pack the holiday season with promotional events

Businesses looking for additional customers will likely be preparing themselves for the onslaught of the holiday season. Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is only a matter of time before people begin shopping. As a result, all companies should be gearing up to deck themselves in holiday decorations and to run Christmas-themed promotions and events.

However, there are plenty of other days that can’t be overlooked. Besides the fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas, it is also beneficial for companies to pack the month of December full of discounts and occasions for savings that don’t let clients and consumers relax. Here are some of the forgotten days that fill the calender during the last month of the year.

December 16 – National Re-gifting Day
There’s no denying that for many customers, finances are tight. People may want to engage in the act of re-gifting, but feel guilty doing so. Let them know that it isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, there can be tremendous savings from repackaging a gift, so long as it’s appropriate for the person who’s receiving it. Celebrate this stigmatized practice by offering discounts on particularly re-giftable items. It may even be possible to give out promotional products with the idea being that they can be re-gifted for stocking stuffers or party favors.

December 16 – Boston Tea Party Day
If re-gifting isn’t a company’s particular style, there is another appropriate holiday that can be celebrated on the same day. Despite its importance, many people may not realize when the Boston Tea Party occurred. Offer them gentle reminders and bring attention to the fact that indeed, taxation without representation is no good. Offer to reduce prices to the extent that they nullify all taxes in celebration of the fact that these fees can be burdensome to consumers. It may be a symbolic gesture, but it is likely enough to draw attention to a store or office when every other organization is wishing consumers yuletide greetings.

December 17 – National Underdog Day
In the United States, one of our most cherished ideals is that the underdog should always win. We always root for the people with the odds stacked against them, so why not acknowledge that many consumers are in fact underdogs in this economy? They’ll be very appreciative of the fact that a business is taking their side, especially if this defense involves saving them money. Even promotional products can be given away if they’re sufficiently indicative of a customer’s underdog status.

December 20 – First Night of Hanukkah
For all the hullabaloo afforded Christmas, people seem to forget another important celebration that happens every December. The Jewish people have contributed an incredible amount to the culture, prosperity and character of the United States, so it seems unfair to let one of their major holidays go by unacknowledged. Take a break from reindeer and pine trees to celebrate with dreidels, menorahs and other decorations that pay tribute to this important group of people.

December 26 – Kwanzaa
Another holiday that often fails to receive the appropriate amount of attention is Kwanzaa, the pan-African celebration of the continental culture’s impact on world society. Celebrated by millions in the U.S. and abroad, Kwanzaa-themed events and promotions will be appreciated by all manner of customers whether they celebrate it themselves or approve of cultural diversity in general.

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