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Giving away school items gets people in the back-to-school spirit

Students of every age have to carry a lot of stuff to class and back on a daily basis, making backpacks a staple for every back-to-school shopping list.

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Motivate your employees through gifting this labor day

Finding creative and innovative ways to show people the company cares works both internally and as a gesture to customers.

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Get involved with community events to establish local clients

Having a national image is great for large-scale markets, but focusing on customers of all demographics and in every community will help ensure that a company enjoys the broadest spectrum of success.

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Big businesses find luck online

Even the biggest brands have seen the benefit of online media networking for their promotional products, and they’re driving some new ideas to attract attention that other organizations should note.

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Pinterest in promotional products and business growth

To get information about these promos to the public, instead of investing in a paper advertising drive, companies might want to consider looking toward social media.

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Government spending diverted for promotional purposes

Most people are already aware that the Canadian government exists, but some of its departments are much more focused on public relations and awareness than others.

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Raising a flag to promotional patriotism

July is a month commonly associated with all-American past times like baseball, barbecues and fireworks.

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Hot customizable wedding favors

Spring and summer are extremely popular seasons for couples tying the knot.

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The top four occasions to reward staff with personalized gifts

Companies, especially small businesses, often function best when they operate like a close-knit family. Bringing workers together is as simple as marking special occasions by rewarding individual workers or an entire workforce with a personalized memento from the company. Here are the top four times to celebrate hard work with a personalized business gift. 1. […]

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Building a customer base in a small community

The vast majority of marketing that people see every day is aimed at a national audience. Television commercials, advertisements in magazines and internet pop-ups are for the most part from large advertising firms that boast large advertising budgets.

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