The Perfect Gifts for Virtual Clients

Nothing shows thoughtfulness quite like stopping by your clients’ office bearing gifts. The question is — where’s the office?

Today, about 16% of the world’s workforce is now completely virtual. What used to be an in-person visit is now a bit more complicated. But that doesn’t make showing your appreciation to your clients any less important or doable!

Despite where you are located, the right gifts will put a smile on any client’s face. Your virtual clients will appreciate the gesture and remain brand loyal when you take the time and effort to shop for some branded swag, equipment, and other gifts that they can use on a regular basis.

At Myron, we have an assortment of options for every occasion. Consider these tips the next time you’d like to reach out to your virtual clients with a well-timed gift.

Give the gift of stress relief

Stress, unfortunately, is a constant in our world and workforce. More than 30% of people today say that they’re weighed down by extreme feelings of stress. Close to 80% say it’s bad enough to cause physical symptoms. 

These feelings of stress turn into muscle tension, low energy, anxiety, and headaches on any given day. Your clients are more likely to suffer in silence because they’re not showing up in a brick-and-mortar office. 

Gifting them some stress-relieving items shows that you’re attuned to their needs and have compassion. Here are some excellent gifts that can help alleviate your clients’ stress:

Just a few minutes with these stress-relieving gifts each day can work wonders. Your virtual clients will consider these little 5-minute breaks in their day as valuable moments to unplug and recharge. 

Offer high-quality drinkware

Drinkware is a universal gift that everyone can appreciate. Your virtual clients have favorite drinks that become part of their daily or weekly rituals. This can mean starting the day with a cup of coffee, taking time to hydrate in the middle of the day, or enjoying a glass of beer or wine after a long or fulfilling shift.

Coffee and water are an excellent one-two punch for people powering through their workdays. Hydration kick starts your body’s metabolism so that you maintain energy and alertness. It makes it easier to digest food, bolsters memory, and prevents brain fog. 

Brewing a cup of coffee provides an extra charge of productivity and focus to handle hours of tasks with ease, so align your gifts with what your clients are already doing in a regular day.

These branded drinkware gifts will not only keep you on your client’s minds, but they’ll also get frequent use. Here are some options to consider:

Consider the personality and lifestyle of the client you’re shopping for, and add some custom screen printing work to make it one-of-a-kind.

Keep them in stylish apparel

No branded swag is as personal and impactful as apparel. Your clients will wear your brand proudly and will appreciate you giving them something stylish to add to their wardrobe. 

You can choose something fresh for different seasons and occasions, such as:

Your apparel gifts will stand out when your clients recognize the level of quality that they’re made with. These gifts are applicable to various seasons, and can easily turn into daily or weekly wear items. 

Provide professional bags

Remote work doesn’t necessarily mean that people are working from home 100% of the time. Many people prefer to get out of the home office and hit the coffee shop, cafe, library, or bookstore to stay more productive and enjoy a change of scenery. Since Wi-Fi is widely available and many people use their smartphones as hotspots, virtually any location can become an office. 

Help your clients take their devices and important materials with them by gifting them professional bags. Here are some worthwhile options:

With the right bag for the occasion, your clients will know they can keep their valuables safe and get up and go without missing a beat.

Juice up their devices

Since your clients are always on the go, one fact remains universal – they need some battery “juice” on hand to keep their devices charged. You can give them the gift of power by offering charging devices that are useful for their smartphone or tablet of choice. 

Here are some portable, convenient options that make excellent gifts:

These gadgets will find use by any client since — let’s be honest — we’re all connected to devices constantly and there’s nothing as inconvenient as not having the right charger when you need it.

Take care of your virtual clients

Just because your clients are virtual doesn’t mean that they have to be forgotten. With a little bit of effort, you can foster relationships with virtual clients the same way that you would in any other situation.

It’s easier than ever to create a connection by sending meaningful gifts that will leave a lasting impact. Because the world is so digitally-focused, these little physical personal touches won’t go unnoticed by your most important clients. They can demonstrate both emotional intelligence and an understanding of your customer’s needs. 

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