Small business marketing support comes in the form of a major event

Small businesses are often relegated to the back of people’s minds. The overpowering advertising that large organizations engage in can drown out the marketing strategies of local companies. This is never so true as it is during the holiday season. In particular, Black Friday seems to be the annual celebration of malls, outlets and other major retail centers.

However, local companies are fighting back and are attempting to reclaim at least some measure of customer awareness during the holiday shopping frenzy. This year, two days after Thanksgiving will find many organizations collaborating in support of Small Business Saturday. This event is meant to help companies find solidarity in the face of big businesses that threaten their commerce.

Small business owners can sign up to participate and will be able to show local consumers that their products and services are the same as or better than what large corporations can offer. According to American Express, which helps sponsor the event, every $100 that is spent on a local company helps $68 find its way back into that organization’s community. Remind customers of this fact and help to make the second annual Small Business Saturday a success.

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