Growing small businesses require clear website design

Small business marketing often comes down to search engine results. This is especially true for organizations that primarily do business online or are only looking to attract consumers in a limited geographic area. Consequently, many inbound marketers and small business owners who are beginning their careers place a great deal of emphasis on content and nothing else.

This can be a dangerous path to follow because it assumes that no customer is going to actually navigate a website. While the number of consumers who spend a lot of time on a web page before making a purchase isn’t tremendous, it is still important to avoid alienating people who are interested in browsing through a website.

That is why good design should always be an element of any company’s online presence. Aesthetics do matter, especially because there are so many talented designers working in the medium today.

It is also important to realize that design can play a big role in the direction that a user will move when navigating a site. Companies that want to accumulate business leads should know how to funnel customers toward a lead-gathering page. At the very least, finding such a page shouldn’t be impossible for novice users.

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