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Some of the best promotional products are distinctive and original

Promotional products work best when they catch the eye of the right consumer. These items should also be useful, but this is mostly to make sure that customers use them often and make them visible to other consumers. This is a good way for small businesses to brand their companies, products or services.

It stands to reason that the best promotional products are the most attention-grabbing ones. Things that stand out will be under greater scrutiny and can help to disseminate the name of an organization and the industry that it’s in. Consider the following unique promotional products to give away as part of a branding campaign.

Gourmet snacks
Small packets of food that people can munch on can be emblazoned with logos and mascots as part of a fairly successful marketing effort. However, to truly put a company’s brand over the top and in the minds of more consumers, it is useful to consider using promotional gourmet snacks. Rich chocolate and delicious jelly beans stand out in customers’ minds and help to form a high opinion of a company.

Luxury pens
Customers who do quite a bit of business can become unwitting ambassadors for an organization if they’re given a promotional luxury pen. These useful items stand out due to their high quality and often eye-catching design.

Terrarium kit
Many people love the feeling that they’ve helped a plant to survive, grow and thrive. However, most people lack the green thumb necessary to do this. That’s why a terrarium kit that allows customers to make their own strawberries is such a great promotional product. These items allow even the least plant-friendly person to grow delicious fruit. Meanwhile, all their hours spent tending to the plants will be reinforcing a company’s name or brand image.

Flexi vase
Flowers are excellent decorations that can instantly spice up a drab office or full apartment. The only thing needed to take care of them is water and a container to keep them in. Promotional flexi vases are wonderful items that can be folded flat but stand upright when filled with water. Imprinted with the name or logo of a company, they make excellent tools for front desk receptionists.

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