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Promotional umbrellas are always in season

Promotional products need to be highly visible and very useful to be successful. Promotional pens, personalized mugs and promotional calendars all fit this bill nicely, but in terms of sheer visibility, it may be the case that umbrellas are the best tool available to marketers and small business owners.

Umbrellas are always a welcome gift for a consumer, associate or as part of an ongoing promotion. The infuriating thing about rain is that it can strike at any moment, so very few people complain about having too many umbrellas. They can be stored at home, at work, in the office or in a car and will be appreciated as soon as drops start to fall.

Perhaps more importantly, few objects that people regularly carry around are as visible as umbrellas. Their eye-catching bright colors and enormous blank canvases canmemorably display logos or business names. Golf courses, city streets, beaches and parks can often become crowded with umbrellas, so a distinctive image and some eye-catching color will add to the marketing and branding power of an essential promotional product.

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