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The best advice of 2012

The best advice of 2012

The holidays are a great time to reflect on the last 12 months. Small business owners especially should look back and see what marketing methods were effective in 2012 in order to continue them in 2013. Read on for a review of 10 of 2012’s best tips so you can reach even higher levels of success next year.

Tips for blogs
January’s best advice was geared toward making corporate blogs more effective. In an increasingly technocentric marketplace, businesses must use all available digital tools to reach consumers. Blogs allow establishments to advertise events like promotional giveaways and develop unique voices.

Seasonal weather
Promotional items are effective marketing tools when used properly. The best tip from February was about giving away branded products that are relevant to current trends and used the weather as an example. The best gifts are functional so that consumers will use them regularly and develop brand recognition.

Social media and promo items
The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently estimated that 69 percent of all internet users are on social networking sites. March’s top post taught small business owners how to combine social media marketing with promotional items through the use of URLs, hashtags and links.

Employee Appreciation Month
April is dedicated to recognizing the efforts of your dedicated employees. Rewarding staffers for their strong efforts can increase work satisfaction and motivate associates to work harder to earn their own prizes. Giving personalized business gifts can show your workers that you appreciate them.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day is May’s only major holiday and small businesses should celebrate the spirit of the day. Veterans should be honored for their sacrifices and companies can contribute with patriotic products and events. Consumers appreciate businesses that recognize efforts of the troops and keep branded products that demonstrate their national pride.

Offering incentives
Small businesses must motivate their customers to continue their patronage. Offering incentives is an effective method of attracting consumers, especially as the dog days of summer start approaching. Looking at successful tactics of multinational corporations can give independent businesses some great ideas for keeping revenues high as the temperature warms up.

Back-to-school giveaways
Parents start preparing for the school year in July and small businesses can capitalize on this trend by distributing promotional pens and notepads to make shopping lists. Consumers hold onto functional gifts so the branded items can increase brand visibility beyond the start of the academic year.

Standing out at a tradeshow
Tradeshows are great opportunities for business owners to network, demonstrate their products and find new clients. Standing out an expo can be difficult as dozens, if not hundreds, of companies are competing for the attention of attendees. Promotional items can help and businesses should advertise their giveaways to garner interest.

Gift giving etiquette
Distributing business gifts can be tricky as owners might alienate their workers and clients by giving overly personal presents. October’s best post gave helpful tips for picking professional gifts that would be appreciated without alienating their recipients. There is also advice for inter-office gift-giving so employees can participate in the holiday tradition.

Travel gifts
Business travel is an important part of corporate success. Giving employees presents that can help on their trips can make the endeavor even more rewarding. Additionally, many of the presents could be given to customers who are frequent travelers, so that owners can quickly scratch those recipients off their shopping lists.

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and 2013 will bring a host of new challenges for small business owners. Keeping 2012’s best lessons in mind can help companies overcome new problems and reach even greater heights.

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