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Capitalize on seasonal weather conditions with promotional products

Whether or not global warming is a legitimate idea, there is no denying the fact that the weather over the past year has been highly unpredictable. For example, New England is currently experiencing unseasonably warm weather with the only real snowstorm as far back as Halloween weekend. Meanwhile, southern states like Missouri are experiencing the snowy weather that would typically be expected in northern climates. A small business looking to capitalize on the benefits of a promotional marketing campaign should recognize these meteorological trends to target promotional items toward the right audience.

Pick products that can be used year round

A lot of the more practical seasonal promotional products are simple pieces of clothing that can be emblazoned with a company brand or logo. Sheepskin gloves can be given to men or woman in conjunction with cold weather, but are also light enough to be applicable in warmer situations that simply require the hands to be covered.

Tops like embroidered zip sweatshirts are much the same – they can be used to keep muscles relaxed and warm during the summer, or take the chill out of the winter air. Because weather can be so unpredictable, a small business should begin with promotional clothing that is wearable all year round.

Stick with the two seasons of winter and summer

Fall and spring are perfectly fine to target as they are the transition phases between the extremes of summer and winter, but specific promotional products should pinpoint the two categories of hot and cold temperatures. That way, there is no inherent risk associated with return on investment. For instance, flip flops can be worn year round but would best be given out in the summer when going to the beach is much more likely. It may sound like common sense, but it is surprising how many businesses forget this simple rule when using promotional products.

Recognize local weather trends

Giving out weather-oriented business gifts helps to put a personal spin on giveaways by playing up local conditions. It is common knowledge that it rains a lot in Seattle over the course of the year, therefore a marketing manager could send backpack umbrellas to a company that read “Rain never dampens the spirit in Seattle.” This type of creative message plays to the air of camaraderie that develops in regions in response to unique weather conditions, and will guarantee visibility as these products are very likely to be used often.

On the other hand, a business owner should avoid regions that experience unpredictable or irrelevant weather. The same umbrellas mentioned above should not be sent to a company located in Death Valley, CA, which is the one of the driest places in the United States. Though they could be used for shade to keep out of the sun rain umbrellas won’t provide the personalized touch for desert customers.

People like to keep in shape during inclement weather

Finally, one small frequently over-looked aspect of promotional marketing is that people like to exercise during rain or shine, and if it is snowing heavily outside they will most likely be doing their workouts at home. Promotional products that can be used during exercise in any conditions will be highly desirable. A water bottle can still provide nourishment regardless of the weather outside.

Though the weather affects many different people around the world, it does not have to have any impact on a company’s promotional marketing strategy. Promotional items should be designed to remain usable in any weather, and should be geared toward the appropriate target audience.

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