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Target homeowners with promotional products

Target homeowners with promotional products

When deploying a promotional marketing campaign, a small business should not ignore one of the most overlooked target audiences – the market of homeowners.

Plenty of time and money are spent on promotional products that are geared toward daily use in the workplace, but what many managers forget is that although people spend most of their week in the office, they spend even more time at home. Promotional items that can be enjoyed at home are guaranteed to stick around even if a person decides to switch jobs or move.

Activities that take place outside of work should be targeted first. Since many people spend time each week keeping in shape, a promotional water bottle can supply hydration on morning runs or trips to the gym, and a company logo will be seen every time a person takes a sip. Logo tote bags can be used to store anything from groceries to toiletry items, and scented candles can fill a room with pleasant aromas while discreetly reminding a customer of {a} small business’ operations.

Promotional products that can be used at home should be fun, useful and exciting enough to draw interest back to your company in a wholesome way, which can be accomplished by considering the type of products commonly used at home.

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