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ompanies should consider ways they can tie Memorial Day into advertising and promotions to drive increases in revenue into the summer season.

Promote business around Memorial Day

Memorial Day, which honors veterans of American wars that have sacrificed their lives in service of the nation, will be observed on May 28th this year. The holiday provides Americans the opportunity to reflect on their freedoms and the meaning of service when it comes to troops’ international deployment. Memorial Day is also the traditional kickoff to the summer business season. Companies should consider ways they can tie Memorial Day into advertising and promotions to drive increases in revenue into the summer season.

Businesses might consider offering a reward, discount or corporate promotional gift to veterans in the weeks surrounding Memorial Day. For example, restaurants can give a free entree to service members or electronics companies could provide a 20 percent off coupon. In some cases, promotional bundles could be offered, particularly for businesses who sell seasonal items such as grills or patio furniture. Tying in promotions and sales with Memorial Day reveals support for the efforts of the armed forces personnel at home and abroad, and it makes the business feel like an ally of soldiers.

Companies can also collaborate with non-profit groups such as Cell Phones for Soldiers, which collects old cell phones, recycles them, and puts them in the hands of troops who can then call home for free via calling cards or track phone options. Companies can engage in community-based drives intended to gather these phones, or items that soldiers can use.

Items such as personalized pens, graphic water bottles and promotional wall calendars can be customized with American colors and Memorial Day themes. These products will help customers remember the business and also associate them with American pride and support for veterans. Adding American flag graphics may be a good way to draw in customers around this time. The added value of these promotional items is that they can be used again for July 4th promotions and sales.

Memorial Day can be a good time for companies to make an investment in future relationships as well as their own public reputation by giving back to the community. Tailoring promotional giveaways to seasonal and holiday-based promotions helps businesses best take serve customer needs. Memorial Day, in particular, should be used to send the message that companies support American veterans of the past, present and future.

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