Small business marketing should be built around writing

Generating content is perhaps the most important action a small business marketer attempting to raise brand awareness on the internet can perform. However, not everyone can instantly create a large amount of high-quality text. Unfortunately, failing to do so will result in an online marketing campaign that falls short of the number of customers it was intended to generate.

Consequently, small business owners or employees should be sure that they are either confident in their abilities as writers or consistently practice and hone their writing skills. Here are some of the reasons why it is almost impossible to advertise one’s company without a firm grasp on the English language.

Ad copy
When people see advertisements, either online or in the real world, any interest they have will immediately be quashed by poorly written copy. If a consumer’s intent is to learn more about a particular product or service, he’s not going to be able to achieve that goal by scanning through unintelligible words. Advertising specialists charge a great deal simply to create standard copy, so it may be a good idea to hit the books and heavily proofread anything that’s generated for physical ads or online advertisements.

Blog posts
The type of customers who frequently read blog posts are probably the sort of people who spend a fair amount of time reading text on the internet. Consequently, they’ll be relatively familiar with well-written English. Blog posts are also an opportunity for companies to engage with their clients or potential customers in a personal way, so it is crucial to avoid alienating them by publishing sloppy or unrefined copy.

Social media
Some people take to Facebook and Twitter with little regard for how they appear. If a customer is that sort of person, they’re unlikely to notice a business’ botched attempts at communication. However, anyone else will immediately recognize a poorly written status or tweet and completely ignore it. Avoid falling into this trap by creating well-thought-out messages and profile comments.

White papers
Many companies outsource the writing of white papers to other organizations that are more experienced writing copy in long form. Unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford this luxury. A white paper is a good way to practice one’s writing talents because the result won’t necessarily have to be shared. Try writing a first draft of a white paper and sharing it with friends and family before making it public for customers and clients to see.

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