Graphic design tips for small business marketing

Almost all of the ways that small businesses can market themselves to customers involve some sort of graphic design. Print media advertisements require pictures or illustrations, websites are more appealing when they contain some kind of graphics and promotional products make a much stronger impression if there are well-designed logos or symbols adorning them.

However, most people do not have natural artistic talent and therefore cannot be expected to design their own symbols or company images. While there is an element of charm to small businesses that create graphics that are amateurish but heartfelt, many companies can find even greater branding success if they simply pool some resources and spend a bit of money on graphic design. Consider the following tips when attempting to market a local business with images and symbols.

There are many aspiring artists, digital designers and marketers in school who would jump at the chance to perform their services during the summer or on days that they don’t have classes. One of the most important parts of becoming a graphic designer is developing a portfolio, and students are always eager for the opportunity to put their burgeoning skills into practice. An ad in the local paper, on an employment website or through a university should net organizations some willing interns who can take directions from a small business owner about the structure and shape of a company logo.

Freelance work
For a slightly more professional relationship, companies can turn to freelance artists. These individuals may not be full-time employees, but they can be put under contract until the completion of a design. Each image generated can be unique to a certain marketing effort. This type of employment situation can be quite affordable and will add to the stable of designs that an organization has at its disposal.

Use personal resources
Though small business owners may not be artists, they can improve their own skills by taking a basic class if they’re determined to take the helm of their marketing efforts. Even if this doesn’t lead to them personally creating logos and symbols, it will give them a better idea of what to look for in a design or image. When all else fails, an entrepreneur can turn to a friend or family member who has some facility with artistic creation. It may even be helpful to offer company discounts or promotional products in exchange for this service.

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