The back-to-school season calls for plenty of promotional pens

Summer is a time for relaxation and finds people spending as much time as possible outside of the classroom or office. Taking notes and filling out forms are some of the last things on anyone’s mind, so it isn’t a surprise that promotional pens probably reach their nadir of usefulness sometime in late July and early August.

However, September is rapidly approaching, and with that month will come a significant influx of people into clerical settings. Vacations will come to an end, finding workers consistently spending more time in offices. More importantly, teachers and students will once again prepare to spend all of their time in the classroom.

Now is the perfect time to begin stocking up on promotional pens. Editing essays, taking tests and making notes are about to return with a vengeance and will require the proper tools. Teachers and students won’t want to have to go hunting for a writing implement, which is why both will gladly accept a promotional product that’s given to them.

Giving a promotional product to a teacher certainly increases the brand awareness of a product, service or organization, but donating pens to students has the effect of eventually advertising a company name to their parents as well.

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