Promotional bags are some of the best marketing tools that a small business can invest in

The ideal promotional product is one that will be used often, that provides value to a customer and that is highly visible so that other consumers can view it. Many tools of this sort – from promotional pens to personalized calendars to promotional mugs – fit this description nicely. However, none can compare to the power and reach of promotional bags.

Bags are necessary tools in this era of productivity and material goods, since people are constantly on the go yet need all sorts of items on their person at all times. They also represent one of the most fundamental ways to make a statement, so people are constantly ready to see what a bag’s sponsor or logo is all about. Consider the following ways to make a business’ brand increase in awareness through promotional bags.

Duffel bags
Americans love to travel and do so often. However, they aren’t known for their tendency to pack lightly. Instead, people are often seen with a great deal of luggage in airports, train stations and bus terminals. By and large, consumers choose their carrying cases and suitcases based upon how much they carry in them and not how they appear. A promotional duffel bag is an excellent gift to offer for free or through a promotion because it is both stylish and practical. It also provides the added benefit of meeting the requirements for a carry-on item with most airlines, which is a highly sought-after attribute that frequent travelers look for.

Laptop bags
If there is one item that every traveler has these days, it is a personal computer. Whether flying across the country or taking the subway down the street, people carry their PCs with them everywhere and require adequate protection for their precious technology when they do. A laptop bag is greatly appreciated and will get lots of notice on the bus, while waiting for the train or even in line at the coffee shop.

Student life isn’t complete without a backpack. The number of textbooks, laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, pens, pencils, e-book readers and printed materials that even high school students need to lug around has become staggering. A promotional backpack makes a great promotional product because young people are notoriously poor, especially in college and university. This demographic is less likely to care about the appearance of their bag and more about how functional and cheap it is. Of course, if a popular company or organization is offering bags, they won’t mind having its logo on their bag very much.

Shopping totes
There is a very strong movement away from traditional paper and plastic at the grocery store and toward eco-friendly carrying options that don’t harm the environment and cause additional litter to clog sidewalks and streets. Many people these days refuse to use the old method and will only shop for food and supplies with a sack made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Personalized shopping totes are a great way to appeal to the rainbow warrior inside each customer and provide them with a valuable tool.

Lunch bags
Besides shopping totes, another sort of traditional bag that is disappearing is of the brown variety. Long ago, all lunches were carried in the familiar brown paper sack, but those days are long gone. Instead, kids and adults both bring their meals to school and work in reusable bags that can hold quite a bit of food and are easy to clean. This is another opportunity to supply customers with a promotional product that they’ll use frequently and allow others to view quite often.

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