Small businesses should create memorable seasonal promotions

One of the best ways for a company to stand out in a community and from its competition is by holding memorable events. By creating an intriguing promotion that piques the interest of any consumer who hears about it, organizations make themselves instantly memorable. When events are run with regularity, a company will soon be known for its generous nature and willingness to think outside the box.

The calendar is filled with strange holidays and weird celebrations, and September is no exception. Every day of the month is occupied by dates that have been set aside for family members, products, services and practices. Small business marketers should consider using any of the following days that can apply to their companies as cause for a special promotion.

September 5 – Labor Day
For the rest of the year, employees have to go to work and do their jobs with no reward other than their salaries and the occasional pat on the back. It may not be fair that they only get one day out of 365 to relax and be commemorated for all their efforts, but most people seem to make the most out of it. Rewarding workers is a very generous thing to do, and while most people won’t work on the day itself, discounts and promotional products can be offered to anyone who shows up shortly before the first Monday in September while on the clock or just getting off of work.

September 11 – Grandparent’s Day
Parents have the lion’s share of the child-rearing duties in any family since they’re on point for bad grades, discipline, chores and manners. Grandparents, on the other hand, get to be the fun ones who buy too many presents on Christmas and take kids out to dinner when Mom and Dad can’t afford to. A promotion that rewards these important family members would be very successful, especially since older people have quite a bit more time to shop on their hands.

September 13 – Uncle Sam Day
There are many memorable patriotic holidays throughout the year, beginning with President’s Day and continuing through Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July. Uncle Sam’s birthday might not rate quite as highly in the minds of Americans as any of those other days, but it’s still important to commemorate a potent symbol of American pride. This day calls for a store or office that is festooned with patriotic bunting and a marketing campaign that tells customers that a company “…wants you…” for a promotion or sale.

September 18 – National Cheeseburger Day
There are plenty of foods that are uniquely American, including hot dogs, ribs, fried chicken and ice cream. However, none are so singularly of this country than cheeseburgers. A restaurant should have no problem creating a promotion around what is probably already one of their most popular dishes. Other companies should attempt to team up with local eateries to give out coupons in exchange for doing business with them. Truly enterprising small business owners could even have a barbecue for customers on this day.

September, like any other month, is a time to remember certain people or things for all 30 days. Month-long promotions don’t need to be as exorbitant as a big one-day celebration might, but they can still be a time for giveaways, discounts and promotional products.

Hispanic Heritage Month
People of Hispanic ethnic origin have become an important part of the melting pot that is the United States in recent years. Many businesses in certain regions may find themselves with many Hispanic customers or clients, so it is a good idea to pay tribute to their contribution to the American dream. Discounts throughout the month of September will remind Latin friends that they are valued customers and that their business and hard work is welcome in this country.

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