Small businesses will be able to join Google+

Since it debuted in a limited form last week, Google+ has been the subject of a great deal of speculation. Many wondered how accessible it would be, as it is currently only available to a select few users. However, some of the most intense speculation has been regarding the possibility that businesses would be able to create pages and profiles.

Google Vice President of Local and Commerce Jeff Huber has cleared all of that confusion up. According to Business Insider, he commented that small businesses would indeed be eventually invited to join the social networking program. No details beyond this confirmation were given.

This could be excellent news for small business marketers. One of the reasons that this should appeal to companies that have been frustrated by Facebook and other social media platforms is that much of the location and marketing information that Facebook uses comes from Google to begin with. Additionally, there is an excellent chance that companies engaged in search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will be able to reach even more customers by bringing their Google+ profile to the front of internet searches.

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