Promotional mugs stay with customers for a long time

Marketing, especially for small businesses, is at its best when it allows companies to quietly raise awareness of a product or service. No type of marketing is as subtle as promotional products, and few promotional products are as effective as personalized mugs. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should invest in branded ceramic mugs.

They are practical
Whether it’s used for early-morning coffee, a mid-afternoon tea or an evening hot cocoa, everyone needs a mug. And since the drinks that are traditionally sipped from a mug warm the heart and keep one’s day going, having a logo, mascot or message on a mug will remind customers of a company when they’re at their most relaxed.

They stick around
Very few people throw out mugs – it can even be said that one can never have enough of them. Even if they’re part of a vast collection, promotional mugs will be used often enough to justify their expense. Because they’re sturdy and have a long lifespan, they can be dusted off, given away and used again and again – proudly displaying display the name of a company all the while.

They’re versatile
Mugs are most commonly used for drinking hot liquids, but most people will find other uses for them. It’s not unusual for mugs to house cold beverages, for example, or even be used as a spare ice cream dish! Perhaps the most common alternative use for personalized mugs is as a pen and pencil holder which allows your company‚Äôs name or logo to appear in an office where it might be needed most.

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