Unique promotional products help businesses stand out

One of the most important reasons for using promotional products as part of a brand awareness campaign is that they stand out from other advertising methods. Promotional products as they are can be both useful and eye-catching, so it would follow that the most useful and most eye-catching would make the most enduring impression. Here are some quirky and interesting promotional products to consider.

Promotional digital photo egg
A promotional picture frame is a useful item, but for an exceptional statement, a digital photo egg will do the job nicely. These little items contain an LCD screen that can store a number of photographs. Positioned on a desk at work or at school, a digital photo egg will see lots of use and catch the inquisitive eye of anyone who happens upon it.

Pocket multilingual translator
For high-end promotional product campaigns, personalized pens can be useful. However, an affordable but effective promotional pocket multilingual translator can broadcast that a company or organization is dealing with worldly travelers and businesses.

Promotional recycled paper mousepad
These days, it is becoming more and more important for companies to acknowledge the problems facing the environment. There’s no better way to make that statement than with a recycled paper mousepad. In addition to positioning a company firmly on the side of ecology, it allows customers to use something every day that lets them show off their own support for the environment.

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