Building a customer base in a small community

The vast majority of marketing that people see every day is aimed at a national audience. Television commercials, advertisements in magazines and internet pop-ups are for the most part from large advertising firms that boast large advertising budgets. When a slick media campaign is launched, it’s easy to believe it was simple to create and can be replicated by a small business. Unfortunately, most small companies don’t have a marketing budget that includes scientific research, focus groups or trial runs in limited markets.

However, what they do have is a local market. The good news is that while mass media advertising might be difficult, advertising and marketing in general isn’t typically overly complicated. For small businesses, it is as simple as being aware of the area in which they aim to build a loyal customer base.

First, knowing a local market means using common sense to identify the patrons who will be most interested in a product. For example, if a company sells replacement windows or specializes in Roth IRAs, it shouldn’t be difficult to recognize that homeowners are likely their target audience.

From there, a local marketing campaign is simple. Homeowners are likely to be searching for good prices and promotions, so offering discounts via internet coupon-sharing sites or the local circular will be a good use of advertising dollars. To raise awareness of their products and services businesses can also include their brand and information on promotional products that will be used by new homeowners, such as key chains or magnets.

Small business owners should work to take advantage of the marketing opportunities afforded to them in their local communities.

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