Custom USB drives offer practical solutions to saving files

Custom USB drives are not only a practical way to back up important files, but are also an efficient form of advertising. When it comes to marketing, paying for a television or radio spot can be costly for a company, especially a small business. Instead of investing in these short term forms of advertising, companies can get their money’s worth by investing in promotional items, such as logo USB drives.

Myron offers a wide selection of logo USB drives to suit all business needs. The Chrome Compact Pivot Flash Drive is one of the models that the company offers for companies looking to get their brand out on the market. With two gigabytes of space, the device has enough room to store a handful of documents and photos on the go.

“We have been very pleased with the service and design staff at Myron,” said one customer. “Shipments are always on time and the variety of products is great.”

The 4 Port USB Hub with Retractable Cord is another option for businesses looking to invest in a practical promotional item. Users can connect USB cords to the device while it is plugged into the computer.

The innovative designs of each of these products can help companies popularize their service and gain clients in the future.

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