Personalized pens ideal for promotion

When searching for practical promotional products to hand out at trade shows or to clients or to leave as a takeaway in your office, companies may want to opt for personalized pens. Promotional pens can be customized to show a company’s logo or slogan, advertising its services whenever the writing utensil is used. An ASI study showed that pens are the most-recalled advertising specialty item – over 54 percent of people remembered owning them.

Similar to a business card, promotional items list the information of a company, increasing its chances of gaining new clients, especially when that business card is in the form of a pen that is being used every day. Investing in promotional products is also a cost-efficient form of advertising. The average cost per impression on a promotional product is about $0.004 ; so the the amount of exposure the company will receive is clearly worth the cost of printing your company’s name or logo on a pen. Because stationery is frequently used, promotional pens will offer an extended period of advertising,

Myron has a wide assortment of pens for any promotion. From bulk logo pens for tradeshow giveaways, to premium pens for your better clients, and even executive pens for a special gift or to recognize service of a client, partner, or employee. Luxury pens that are customized in the event of an employee’s recent accomplishments shows appreciation. Similarly, customized luxury pens for clients can also make a positive impression. When a client feels that you’ve gone that extra mile to give a personalized gift, they will be more likely to refer you and your services to others. And they’ll have a beautiful pen with your name on it to help them do just that.

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