Myron’s most versatile custom USB drives

Although technology is convenient, it’s not always reliable. To avoid losing documents, many companies give their employees USB drives to back up their files in the event of data loss. Myron offers its customers a number of different logo USB drives to hand out to workers.

The Pivot USB flash drive and the Cap Off USB flash drive offer users four gigabytes of space, which is perfect for storing documents and photos. These products offered by Myron can also be customized to show a company’s logo or brand name.

“Myron’s exceptional product line on specialty promotional items combined with their excellent customer support staff make a winning combination,” said one customer. “Their finished product with my personalized logo is a first class item that I can proudly give to my customers.”

The Klio Turnus USB Pen also comes in eight gigabytes, offering versatility for companies who want to give their customers more than one way to use their branded product.

Obtaining promotional items can give companies an easy way to market their services to a wide range of people in addition to their target audience.

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