13 Promotional Products to Bring Your Business More Than Luck

The number 13 is surrounded by superstition; it’s considered bad luck to have 13 guests at a party and to marry on the 13th, and some buildings won’t even have a 13th floor! Any 13th day of the month is subject for superstition, but Friday the 13th gets the worst reputation for bad luck, despite occurring anywhere from once to three times a year. Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, NC reports that “[U.S] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do.”  

Although some people are often overcome by superstition around the number 13 and Friday the 13th, you and your business will have nothing to fear if you’re marketing with promotional products! Branded promotional products build familiarity and trust every time a potential client uses it, making them much more likely to research and consider doing business with your brand. Even Friday the 13th won’t shake their trust in your brand!

To turn this old superstition on its head, we have crafted a list of 13 promotional products that will do more than bring you luck— they’ll bring you clients and customers!

1. Absolute Soft Touch Stylus Tip Promo Pleaser Pen

Branded promo pens are a simple, effective way to build brand awareness, and no, we don’t need to knock on wood when we say that! Transition from paper to screen with just a click and keep your customers scrolling.

2. Personalized Anti-Stress Dice

Don’t roll the dice when it comes to promotional products, unless of course you’re rolling this anti-stress dice! These colorful dice are squeezable and fun, and they can lighten the mood around the office or at intense meetings and conferences.

3. Honeycomb Sling Backpack

Outrun bad luck while keeping your branding on top and keeping everything you need on your back. This lightweight neoprene mesh backpack puts your logo on constant display and is perfect for carrying clothing to the gym or traveling light on a hike.

4. Personalized Econo Sweatshirt Blanket

No matter which day of the month it is, it’s always a great time to snuggle up in a super soft blanket. Remind people of your brand every time they get cozy on the couch for movie night!

5. Compact Power Bank Charger

Never run out of luck, charge, or marketing power with this full-color imprinted power bank that’s perfect for on the go and long distance travel!

6. Tomahawk Mini Flashlight

Good luck or bad luck, Friday the 13th or Friday the 20th, you’ll always be prepared with this brilliant multitool. Remind your audience that your brand is one they can rely upon!

7. 360 Finger Grip Cellphone Stand

We’ve all been unlucky enough to drop our expensive smartphones once or twice before, but now you won’t have to worry with this dual cell phone grip and stand. Your imprint is laser engraved, preventing fading and wear, and making sure your brand is always on full display.

8. Geometric Soft Touch Pocket Pal

Be ready to take on the 13th (and every day) with this attractive, geometric print, pocket-sized planner.

9. 7 Function Tool Pen

Unlucky number 13, meet lucky number 7! This multi-function pen has a touchscreen stylus, two screwdriver bits, a level, and two engraved rulers. Make sure your clients always have your brand on hand!

10. 17 Oz. Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker

Now every day, even a Friday the 13th, can be a party! Keep your clients hydrated and happy as they enjoy their favorite music all thanks to you brand!

11. Conference Tote

Stylish, spacious, and functional, the Conference Tote is a mobile billboard for your brand. Wish your clientele luck in all of their endeavors by gifting them this thoughtful gift.

12. 28 Oz. Value Water Bottle (Made in the USA)

You won’t have to test your luck with this inexpensive promotional product; it’s made in the USA, so you know it’s made of quality, durable materials and BPA free.

13. Economy Cooler Bag

Put aside your superstitions and stay chill— or rather, keep your drinks chill— with this branded cooler bag that won’t break your budget.


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