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Your account representative can help you choose the perfect promo gifts for your next event.

How our account managers help you “up your marketing game”

You are in the middle of talking to a customer or running to your next meeting when the phone rings. You answer the call and it’s your account manager from Myron. Your first reaction, like most, is to tell “Terry” you are busy – which you most definitely are. It may be her third attempt that month to contact you and you might be wondering why she keeps calling. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the value your Myron Account Manager offers your business and how these timely phone calls are aimed at helping you succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Your Myron Account Manager is not an anonymous voice at the end of a phone call; part of their job is to contact you regularly either for scheduled calls or for informal catch-ups to discuss your upcoming promotional needs. She or he, is a trusted advisor who knows your business specifics and anticipates your future needs for your next event, promotion, trade show or employee incentive program. Essentially, your Account Manager is your problem solver who will help you “up your marketing game”.

Here is the skinny on what your Myron Account Manager offers you:

After 66 years, nobody knows the Promotions industry like Myron and the products available to make make an impact for your business. We are now selling in 16 markets worldwide so we know first-hand what other companies are doing and can help you successfully compete by offering you the right products to promote your brand and achieve your goals.

We have your best interest at heart. This is done by by going the extra mile to be of help and being consistent in delivering a superior customer experience to you. Our goal is to earn your trust and make you feel like part of the extended Myron family. To that end, we stand behind what we do with our 100% Myron Satisfaction Guarantee. We are not satisfied until you are.

Understands your needs, establishes rapport and works very hard to earn your trust. They have solid business insight and in a competitive marketplace they understand trends and new direction.

It’s our hallmark and is something that is never taken for granted since we demand the highest standards from our manufacturing partners. And this differentiates us from the rest.

Myron offers a wide selection of styles, colors and imprint options for all your promotional needs.

Integrity selling in terms of service, product, quality, functionality and personalization techniques.

Myron account managers are there to help

Your account manager is your ally in finding the best way to market your company.

Myron welcomes the opportunity to share their expertise with you – helping your business select the right promotional items and products to acquire, strengthen and grow relationships with customers and employee. So the next time your Myron Account Manager calls, take that as an opportunity to talk to an expert about your business goals. That 5 minute conversation may be one of the best investments you make that week. At Myron, “it’s not just business…’s personal”.


About the Author: Terry Shatner is responsible for supporting vendor partnerships, product and sales operations at Myron. She is a strategic thinker with demonstrated success in marketing, promotions, the promotions industry, and sales operations in both B2C and B2B markets.


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