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Apparel for Fall

How promotional clothing fits with your upcoming marketing programs

Jackets, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Hats, Rain Gear and Fleece are perfect additions to your marketing programs this fall. And don’t forget about Performance Shirts, Staff Uniforms, and of course, the ever popular T-Shirt in both short and long-sleeves.  There are some compelling reasons and advantages why smart business people buy personalized promo apparel.  Clothing is useful and even more so when the weather turns colder. And of course, consumers like it even more when it is free!

So, rest assured when you use logoed apparel to promote your business and brand; these items have a high perceived value and make an instant impact.

Now there are some of you who know first- hand what logoed clothing can do to promote your brand and business. But for some, you might be thinking promotional clothing is something only Fortune 500 companies can afford. Well, companies both big and small use customized clothing to get their name out.  And there are many valid reasons why:

  • Compare the cost of promotional clothing to the cost of developing ads and running them in print, the web, radio or TV and the benefits are evident in both “dollars” and “sense”.  Media costs a lot.
    In fact, when you use clothing, your message is worn repeatedly (up to 7 months or longer than other promotional items) and are amazing walking advertisements for your business. And best of all; your message is not missed when someone goes to the fridge during commercial breaks.
  • At Myron, our minimum order required is very reasonable and so is the cost of decoration. We offer one of the most affordable embroidery set-ups in the industry at $30.00 with up to 10 thread colors. And you can reuse your embroidery file for future repeat orders at no additional cost.
  • We have many options and can work within your budget. Ask us about our Good, Better and Best options for our apparel products.
  • At Myron, there are no upcharges for larger sizes up to 3X.
  • Access to well-known apparel brand names like OGIO®, Eddie Bauer®, Port Authority®, Hanes® Cornerstone® and Nike®.
  • And don’t forget about our Myron 100% satisfaction Guarantee. We stand behind every order.

Still unsure about the return on your promo clothing investment?

Promotional Apparel

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In 2014, the Advertising Specialties Institute surveyed consumers who had received custom clothing as a gift and an amazing 89% of respondents were able to recall the advertiser who they received it from. And an even more impressive 57% of consumers felt more positive about the advertiser and have done business with or purchased goods/services from them.

There are countless ways you can use personal promotional clothing to promote your company (staff uniforms, business casual dressing, staff incentives and customer appreciation), school (musical band, debating team, choir and sports team travelling uniforms) or organization (fundraising and volunteer clothing).  And do not forget about Thanksgiving and Christmas gifting. Despite the warm weather, the holiday gifting season is just around the corner. And not surprisingly, Myron consultants can help you make the right choices to fit your company, reward your customers and make your staff feel extra special.

Below are a few examples of the wide range of merchandise and brands Myron can offer you. And when it comes to decorating your garments your dedicated Myron consultant will offer you a wide range of choices tailored to your brand.

•             Casual: Polos, Active Wear, Sportswear

•             Business: Wovens, Blazers, Sweaters, Dress Shirts, Polos

•             Uniforms: Sports, industrial, hospitality, corporate, medical

•             Outer Wear: Fleece, Jackets, Rain Gear

•             Caps/Hats: Baseball, stocking and performance wear


About the Author: Terry Shatner is responsible for supporting vendor partnerships, product and sales operations at Myron. She is a strategic thinker with demonstrated success in marketing, promotions, the promotions industry, and sales operations in both B2C and B2B markets.


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