Calendars – a creative marketing idea for small businesses

The holiday season is approaching, which means that many events (both commercial and non-commercial) are sure to dot the schedules of everyone involved in business. There are holiday parties, family gatherings, trade shows and company meetings for which people need to prepare. This situation calls for organization.

A promotional wall calendar is a welcome tool for anyone with a long roster of times and places that need to be planned in detail. From collaborators to suppliers to clients to customers, personalized calendars will be useful for managing the remaining months of the year that are often packed with obligations.

When small businesses use a personalized calendar to market themselves, they end up making their brand, image, products or services difficult to forget. The frequency with which a busy person will glance at his list of obligations only serves to reinforce this familiarity with an organization.

Promotional wall calendars are also valuable marketing tools because they can be customized with all sorts of images. These can include themes that reflect a certain geographic area, seasonal pictures, escapist visions of warmer climates or simply beautiful scenes of nature. This allows companies to further specialize the messages they send to consumers.  

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