Small business marketing plans should include promotional products for the new year

Some of the best methods for raising awareness of a brand or organization involve being timely and festive. The Christmas season has arrived, so it isn’t difficult for companies to appropriately market themselves during this time of year. However, the dissipation of exuberance that can occur once the calendar flips and ushers in a new year can leave small businesses wondering how best to advertise their products and services.

One way to accomplish this is to embrace the atmosphere of austerity that develops once January 1 hits. Consumers will understand that they’ve just come through a period of excess, and will want to start the new year right. Consequently, resolutions and commitments to be healthier are frequently on people’s minds. Offer promotional products that help people stick to their guns and remain strong, at least for a little while. Here are some of the best options and the accompanying promotional messages that can be shared along with them.

Sports bottles
If the new year came in middle of the summer, it might be easier for people to stay true to their weight loss and exercise resolutions. Unfortunately, the cold weather and short days make this very difficult. Encourage them nonetheless with products such as promotional sports bottles. They’ll be excited that businesses are willing to help them stay committed, and will appreciate the help making themselves healthier.

Promotional wall calendars
Another popular new year’s resolution is to stay in touch with acquaintances and avoid missing important opportunities. Most consumers find themselves so harried with work and other obligations that they might not be able to keep track of every event and contact. That’s why personalized wall calendars and planners are excellent promotional products. Recommend that people make better efforts to mind their appointments and obligations through the use of free promotional materials.

Shopping totes
Many people like the idea of going green and preserving the environment, but few are actually able to do so. Going grocery shopping, for instance, would be a lot more ecologically sound if one was able to remember the bags he purchased to avoid wasting paper and plastic. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers forget to plan ahead, and don’t grab their carriers before heading out to pick up essentials. Provide customers with free promotional shopping totes to help remind them that it doesn’t take much to be ecological. In fact, branded totes can be made from biodegradable materials that are even better for the environment and will hopefully make even more of an impact on customers.

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