Seasonal changes bring with them opportunities to try new small business marketing techniques

Most promotional products can be used all year long. While there are a handful of highly specific items that are best used, for example, at the beach or during a snowstorm, most can be given away to customers no matter what the calendar says. However, some are used slightly more than others depending on the month. Additionally, the way that many promotional products are used may differ a bit as the year goes on.

A great way to increase brand awareness and promote products or services is by holding seasonal events and timely marketing campaigns. Small businesses that rely on promotional products for advertising purposes can flavor their giveaways with seasonal themes. Consider the following tools, many of which are perfect for taking advantage of the incoming temperature dip around the country.

Shopping totes
Traditionally, fall signals that the growing season is over. The harvest begins around this time of year, and despite the fact that most people aren’t obligated to subsist on local produce, the feeling still remains. Consequently, many people enjoy going to harvest festivals and other agricultural events. Apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin fairs and farmers markets all rise in popularity just before winter strikes.

Purchasing produce and other fruits of the land requires the right tools to carry them. Give customers promotional shopping totes so that they can be environmentally friendly while they haul their delicious loot home.

Laptop bags
Fall also represents a return to education for most people. This can be a college freshman beginning her life as an undergraduate or a middle-aged professional resuming his education, but either way, the right tools are necessary to learn. Most curricula nowadays require digital tools to streamline the learning process, making portable computers essential. A laptop bag will help to facilitate success in the classroom and is a great promotional product to offer to loyal customers and repeat consumers.

Glasses and bar sets
People tend to drink more alcohol when the weather is cold. It may be because they end up going stir-crazy after being inside all day or it can simply be chalked up to the fact that they like a cocktail every now and again to stay warm. Either way, providing the right tools for making parties and dinners a bit classier will go a long way toward reminding customers and fans about a brand or organization. Promotional glasses or personalized bar sets make great giveaways as the temperature drops.

Beginning with Labor Day and continuing through Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, the holiday season is jam-packed with social obligations and important dates. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these celebrations, so a promotional planner is a great giveaway that can keep customers informed of all the events they need to attend and the people that they have to see before the year is over.

Luggage tags
Another great thing about the holiday season is that it presents multiple opportunities to travel. Days off from work are excellent times to visit different parts of the country, and many customers may have to do that as a matter of course given all of the feasts and gatherings that traditionally happen at the end of the year. Rushing through airports and onto planes is very stressful, making it necessary to keep track of one’s luggage. A promotional luggage tag is an important tool that consumers will be grateful to have.

Flashlight keyrings
As the temperature drops, outdoor safety becomes even more important. Being locked out of the house or one’s car has much graver repercussions in the winter, so resolving such a situation is crucial. A flashlight keyring can spell the difference between finding one’s cell phone or hidden house key and being stuck in the freezing cold. Offer customers a promotional keyring to keep a company name in their minds.

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