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Desktop decorations can make excellent small business gifts

An office is the perfect setting for giving away promotional products. Companies that frequently engage in business to business transactions will be able to target the clients that are most profitable for them. Additionally, the high concentration of employees who are also normal consumers off the clock means that there are plenty of staff members to market to.

Unfortunately, many workplaces make it difficult to give away promotional products. In particular, desktop work stations must often be free of extraneous decorations or clutter. The only way around this is to provide marketing items that are also very useful for work-related tasks. Consider the following promotional products as giveaways for office workers – their utility and marketing power will be a boon for any organization.

Even though a rock or heavy item can serve the same purpose, a paperweight is an important tool for any desk. While the digital revolution is proceeding as planned, it is nevertheless common to see large stacks of disorganized paper at any given workstation. Consequently, few supervisors could take issue with the use of a decorative item that makes sorting through the reams and sheets just a little bit easier.

Business card holder
Like paperweights, the prevalence of computers and smartphones might lead one to believe that business card holders are fading in popularity. However, perhaps they’ve endured for precisely that reason. A business card is an important networking tool that, unlike an email or social media message, can be held in one’s hand. A promotional business card holder is a great way to decorate one’s desktop while simultaneously maintaining connections with important business contacts.

Stress reliever
This sort of item may be disputed by managers, but it certainly serves an important purpose for some personnel. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to poor posture, bottled-up energy and boredom. A promotional stress reliever is a great way to take care of those problems with just a few quick squeezes. Additionally, visitors to a desk can make use of a worker’s stress reliever when necessary and may find meetings with its owner much more enjoyable in the future.

Memo pads
A piece of paper that has been stuck on one’s computer screen or at a co-worker’s desk has much more of an impact than a hastily-typed digital reminder that can be easily shunted off into a dark and oft-unused folder. The power of physical paper to capture one’s attention is unlikely to go anywhere in the near future, so office workers will be well-suited to promotional memo pads at their desks.

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