Embrace the changing times by marketing a small business with podcasts

Long after the debut of the television, radio was still a force to be reckoned with. Before handheld devices and digital files, people couldn’t take the TV experience with them and consequently had to rely on static-filled sounds from a car’s speakers or the amplifiers in the office. However, modern technology gives people so much control over their media experiences that they no longer have any need to spin the dial.

Enter the podcast. Customers on the go who want to hear news, commentary or simple stories are listening to the weekly audio releases more than ever, and it’s a great way to add another medium to a company’s arsenal of marketing strategies.

Podcasts that help small businesses market their products and services work best when they help create an intimate atmosphere between an individual who represents a company and the customers who are interested in that business. Much like a blog, commercial podcasts can include funny anecdotes about the workday, interesting histories of an organization or product or even just random and engaging thoughts from the mind of a business owner.

Unlike a blog, podcasts create a comfortable relationship between people that only the human voice can engender. There is something very vulnerable and personable about speaking verbally, and the power of a small business’ podcast can trump print media or even some online efforts any day.

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