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Seasonal promotional ideas inspired by strange August holidays

One of the best ways to gain the attention of consumers and increase a customer base is to do something that makes a company stand out from the competition. It also doesn’t hurt to stay current and come up with promotional strategies and marketing tactics that are timely and fun. There are many interesting and goofy holidays scattered throughout the calendar, and these strange celebrations can be used effectively for seasonal promotions. Small business marketers should consider making the following days, weeks, and the entire month of August the center of a promotional effort.

National Golf Month
The end of the summer signals the last guaranteed month for spending time out of the office and on the links. By now, many avid golfers have been honing their handicaps for quite some time and will be itching to stuff as many holes into the remaining warm vacation days. An excellent way to win over clients is by giving away promotional products that will be useful on the fairway. Promotional golf balls, branded umbrellas and personalized divot repair kits are all excellent choices.

National Picnic Month
For the clients and customers that aren’t obsessed with birdying holes and slicing balls into the rough, there are always outdoor activities that have appeal. Picnics are fun for the family, for couples or even for friends. While the sun is still shining and the weather is warm, there’s no excuse too small to go outside. The beach, the park and the backyard are all acceptable locations to have a sandwich and some drinks. Promotional products such as branded coolers, promotional water bottles and personalized blankets make a perfect picnic.

August 2 – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Some of the best marketing promotions are fun and show off the personal side of a small business. On August 2, many people celebrate one of the tastiest frozen snacks that America has to offer. A potential event that raises awareness of an organization is one that gives a free ice cream sandwich to those who ask for it. It could even be advertised to friends on a social networking site as a reward for maintaining close online contact.

August 16 – National Tell a Bad Joke Day
Small business marketers are familiar with badly written humor – that’s how a lot of advertising copy starts out. On this day, offer a discount to customers who choose to recite some poorly composed puns.

August 26 – National Dog Day
Our furry canine friends aren’t always welcome in shops and stores. However, August 26 may be the perfect time to break that rule. Companies that allow dogs to accompany their masters on a special day could benefit from the added business.

First Week of August – National Simplify Your Life Week
For many people, nothing is more complicated than trying to find deals on products, services and other essentials. A reward for regular customers, new friends and online followers, a National Simplify Your Life Week promotion could see fees waved, prices lowered or even business practices streamlined, depending on a company’s industry.

Third Week of August – Friendship Week
This is a great time to take advantage of the online followers that a Facebook account or Twitter feed has been accumulating. The benefit of having friends online is that they can instantly be made aware of benefits, promotions and other events. As a result, an advertising campaign that offers low prices or discounts to these followers will cause more people to join an online social circle that will save them money in the future. With added internet friends come increased marketing and awareness opportunities.

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