Start planning promotional product campaigns for July

By themselves, promotional products such as personalized pens, custom magnets and logo USB drives provide excellent tools for small businesses in their quest to raise awareness of their products and services. However, there’s hardly a more opportune moment to use them than on an occasion that merits such celebratory offerings. The calendar is dotted with strange holidays and wacky festivals that give companies an excellent excuse to engage with customers and have some fun. Here are some of the best such celebrations in July, with some promotional ideas to go along with them.

Independence Day – July 4
As this is one of the most important national holidays in the United States, Independence Day promotions ought to be almost completely patriotic. This can include mini promotional flags, pencils, beach balls or anything else emblazoned with red, white and blue. In addition to patriotism the Fourth of July also stands for something else near and dear to Americans: cookouts. Companies can give away promotional coolers and promotional glasses for use at a barbecue, reminding everyone in attendance about a company that loves grilling as much as they do.

Chocolate Day – July 7
There aren’t many people who don’t love chocolate and wouldn’t appreciate it as a business gift or promotional giveaway. Chocolates and candies don’t have the same personalized possibilities as other items, but they do serve as an excellent way to say “thank you” to consistent or new customers. Chocolate Day would be an excellent time to begin a social networking campaign. Small businesses can send a message to all Facebook friends and Twitter followers telling them that if they mention the message at their next purchase, they’ll be rewarded with chocolate.

Embrace Your Geekiness Day – July 13
The fascination with technology that was once a reason to mock tech-heads is now a celebrated part of society. There’s no better day than Embrace Your Geekiness day to thank customers with high-tech branded promotional items. A USB logo drive is a cheap and easy way to raise awareness with a gift that almost everyone can use. Slightly nicer prizes can be given away for placing high in an online geek trivia contest. Small businesses can invite social media followers to come in and take a tech knowledge challenge and be rewarded with a travel wireless mouse or a mini solar charger.

Culinarians Day – July 25
Those customers with discerning tastes will be the target audience for Culinarians Day promotions. A celebration of the finest foods and food preparation methods can be used to raise brand awareness with personalized wine accessory sets, promotional Belgian truffles, cocktail sets or personalized wine pourers.

July’s national months
In addition to all of the individual celebrations that fall in July, there is cause for several month-long celebrations. For a less specific promotion that can run for more than just a day, here are some promotion ideas.

July is National Anti-Boredom Month. Anything that keeps people’s eyes from glazing over will make an effective promotional product. Laptop cases can be awarded to regular customers as a way to protect their favorite boredom-killing toys. For the busy professional, promotional notebooks and personalized portfolios make excellent business gifts.

Cellphone Courtesy Month is also in July, and there are many cellphone accessories that make perfect promotional products as well as reminders that though customers may love their phones, they must be polite when using them. Smartphone sleeves that are personalized by a company are a good prize for new customers, as are solar clip chargers and promotional USB hubs.

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