Promotional products that appeal to the environmentalist within

Recent natural disasters and government focus on global warming have shifted public attention toward the environment more than ever before. As a result, it’s important to consider the widespread interest in Earth-friendly matters when choosing promotional products. Companies that do business in environmentally-friendly cities and towns across the country would do well to take note of these functional items that can promote a brand or service while acknowledging our impact on the planet.

Flower Kits
An emphasis on green products and sustainable economies in the past few years makes linking products and services with these phenomena a good idea. Flower kits have all the necessary elements for the easy cultivation of beautiful flowers and serve as excellent reminders of small businesses.

Reusable Shopping Bags
More and more people are rejecting plastic and even paper shopping bags when grocery shopping. There’s no better way to increase brand awareness for shoppers than with a promotional shopping tote. Some are even biodegradable!

Water Bottles
The environmentally-conscious will always have their own water bottle, both to promote clean tap water and to reject water bottling companies. Water bottles have high visibility and are used often. They also link companies with healthy living and an active lifestyle.

Bird Feeders
These fun items instantly draw the attention of consumers. People, and nature lovers in particular, will enjoy watching for their favorite species. Supporting birds (and bird watchers), also sends the message that a small business is conscious of our place on the planet while simultaneously reminding consumers of products and services.

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