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Using your advertising budget wisely on promotional products

Many companies lack the advertising budget to reserve television and radio spots to market their services. This issue is especially common among small businesses that are just beginning to gain their footing in the industry. Instead of stressing over how to increase your company’s advertising funds, opt for a more practical solution: promotional products.

Luxury pens, custom USB drives and promotional calendars can all help companies make a name for themselves in the industry, according to Yahoo! Small Business. In 2004, the promotional product business made approximately $17 billion in the United States. More companies are turning to these items because they are an inexpensive and efficient way to brand their services.

Almost everyone loves freebies, which is a large part of why advertising through promotional items works. Personalized pens, custom magnets and logo USB drives can all be handed out at trade shows or at a company location to reach out to a large audience.

Investing in practical items, such as pens and calendars, is also a long-term form of advertising. Individuals who use these products are likely to utilize them over an extended period of time. This gives your company the maximum opportunity to target potential customers.

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