5 Custom Outdoor Promotional Item Ideas

Are you looking for unique promo product ideas?

If you are, then you might want to consider outdoor products as giveaways. They can be fun and unique gifts. Your customers and recipients are sure to appreciate them.

Why Outdoor Products?

There are so many other options available, but items that have some connection to outdoor activities are valuable because people will really use them. They are not just for display. That means there is a higher chance that they will notice your logo and remember your business.

Here are some examples of outdoor promo items that you can get from Myron:

  1. Camp Lantern – A lantern is one of the essential items for campers. Without lanterns, campers will be unable to move around once it gets dark.
  2. Multi-Tool Carabiner – One of the best outdoor promo products that you can giveaway is a carabiner. It becomes even more valuable when the carabiner is also a multi-tool. It is light, handy, and very effective.
  3. Outdoor Dri-fit Cap – This is such a simple but very useful item for outdoor adventures. You need a hat to protect your face and head from the sun’s rays. The colorblock design of the cap will also highlight your logo effectively.
  4. Water Bottle Cooler – This is great for keeping water cool. It is lightweight, and it is the perfect item to display the logo of your business.
  5. Aluminum Flashlight – This is a lightweight source of light that can be very handy in the field. Having your logo on these flashlights is a functional way to promote your business.

It is not necessary for your business to have something to do with the outdoors to use these promotional products. People will still find the items useful. Visit Myron now and see all the outdoor promo products that you can use as giveaways for your business.

Take On the Wild with these Outdoorsy Promotional Products

Outdoor Promotional Products

Are your clients feeling the call of the wild this summer? Our outdoor promotional products will help your customers get the most from their time outside while keeping your company fresh on their mind. Whether they like hiking, camping, picnicking, or sports events, you’ll find in our catalog a promotional product that makes a perfect gift:

20 Oz. Mood Color-Changing Cycle Water Bottle (made in USA)

We’re reaching the dog days of summer, so this is a great time to offer your customers one of our Mood Color Changing Water Bottles. The bottle dramatically changes color when cold drinks are poured in, making it a fun, eye-catching twist on the average branded water bottle. Best of all, it’s made in the USA with safe, durable materials to ensure it lasts through this summer and the next!

Tomahawk Mini Flashlight

The Tomahawk Mini Flashlight is multipurpose and designed to be tucked into a car’s glove compartment. Along with a bright light, it has an emergency seat-belt cutter and glass breaker. Your logo is engraved into the housing so it won’t be rubbed off after years of use. Associate your brand with safety and reliability!

Outdoor First Aid Kit

Bumps and scrapes come with the territory when adventuring outdoors, so your clients will appreciate this first aid kit. It comes with a selection of bandage sizes as well as antiseptic towelettes and first aid creams. Your logo is showcased on the outside of the compact zippered pouch.

Outdoor Camo 12-Pack Cooler

For customers who enjoy refreshment while outdoors, this camo patterned 12-pack cooler is a great way to show how you appreciate their business. It features an insulated PEVA lining and two outside pockets. This cooler is  perfect for a tailgate, camping trip, leisurely hikes, and just about any outdoor activity you can think of!


Let your brand adventure into nature this summer with any of our quality, useful outdoor promotional products at Myron. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron ensures your brand will trek to the top!

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