The Best Cross-Promotion Gifts for 2020

One of the cornerstones of marketing is finding unique ways to get your message in front of people. A cross-promotion strategy is among the more viable avenues to accomplish this, but not every company can afford high-profile partnerships or multimedia campaigns. For some businesses, the best option is a robust promotional push that uses popular products to showcase their brand, logo or messaging in areas where they don’t normally do business. There are certain products trending upward as we head into 2020, including tech items, drinkware, bar accessories, and dad hats. Of course, you can also stand by the perennial favorites: pens, mugs, pocket flashlights.

Choosing the right product is important. If you’re targeting people across industries, make sure to go with something that applies to them. Picking the wrong item can send the wrong message, and your brand gets lost amid the confusion. The right cross-promotion gifts will create a memorable experience that increases your market reach. At the end of the day, it’s all about selection.

Build your brand with these cross-promotion products

Hanging Out

The best approach to cross-promotion is to take an item everyone can use and put your logo on it. That’s where the purse hook comes in. Whether you offer catering services, technology repair, business consulting, website design, or really anything else, you can approach local bars and restaurants with these promotional items and instantly fill a glaring need. Most places don’t have a convenient place for people to put their purses and bags. When a bartender or server hands them this purse hook, people will not only will they recognize the convenience, but they’ll see your brand.

Build Up a Sweat 

People have always been into exercise, but advances in technology have created new possibilities when it comes to physical fitness, the best example of which is the activity tracker. Companies like FitBit have transformed the health and wellness space with their products, so 2020 is the year the to hop on the trend. If you sell workout clothes, bodybuilding supplements, or health-conscious snacks, bring our activity tracker to a local gym, workout club or exercise group and help their clientele increase productivity. They’ll take your brand with them everywhere they go, and fellow fitness enthusiasts will take notice of the trendy activity tracker imprinted with your logo.

Hold My Beer

Food trucks and microbreweries have been a booming business for a while. Everyone knows they’re a match made in heaven, and it’s a bona fide celebration when the two come together. So if you’re a popular food truck doing business outside of a local brewpub, or a tap house that hosts street food vendors on weekends, you can market yourself with special koozies . Insulated beverage holders are an underrated gift, and you’ll put yourself in front of foodies and beer snobs alike.

Dance to the Music 

Bluetooth technology has enabled us to accomplish all kinds of thing, including the most important thing: bringing the party anywhere. That’s why Bluetooth speakers[DH7]  are going to be huge once again in 2020. People love being able to play their music regardless of where they are. You find them on camping trips, at the beach, during backyard cookouts, and anywhere else where fun is happening. The cross-promotional potential here is limitless. Your brand will be front and center for every 2020 party, which means people will associate you with celebrations and warm feelings.

Stylish and Functional Caps

Dad hats—those floppy, six-panel caps with the curved brim—are hugely popular at the moment. People like the ‘90s vintage feel, as well the flexibility and versatility they provide. A dad hat  goes good with any casual outfit, and they’re much comfortable than the flat-brim, pro-style option. Your older clientele will gravitate toward these, and so will the younger crowd looking to make a standout fashion statement. It’s hard to beat such valuable reach.

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