Best Gifts to Give Your Employee

The holidays are officially upon us. Like everyone else, your mind is probably on gifts. While it’s easy to spend most of your time thinking about the best things to get your friends and family, don’t forget about some of the most important people in your life: your employees. Sure, managers aren’t required to give their workers gifts during the holidays, but it always makes a good impression, and it’s the perfect occasion to reward people for a year of hard work. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, either—especially if annual bonuses and office parties are afoot. Just a small token of appreciation can go a long way.

But if you’re stressed about having to getting enough gifts for an entire group of people, or finding something that’s appropriate for the office, that’s where Myron can help. Whether your workforce is large or small, and regardless of your specific industry, we have something that can work for any situation. That’s because of our bulk order options, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our wide range of product offerings.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a Starbucks gift card or a discount code they can use in your online store, but that stuff comes across as a predictable and impersonal. Why not take an item that everyone loves or needs, make it personal with an imprinted logo or message, and express your gratitude in a genuine way? These are our picks for the best items to buy your employees for the holidays.

Stylus Pens

It’s no secret that we take pens very seriously here at Myron, so we’d be remiss not to mention our special holiday offer. We have a discount collection featuring two versions of the Celena Soft Touch Stylus Pen: one red, one green. Both pens come with your custom imprint on the front, as well as an extra free holiday greeting on the back. The Celena Soft Touch Stylus Pen is expertly made, and with the additional stylus on the end, are the perfect tool to switch between a notepad and a smart pad. It’s functional, thoughtful, and the perfect gift for the season.

Laptop Bags

Looking for something a bit more stylish than pens? Take a look at our custom laptop bags. They meet the functionality requirement—people like the option to work from home, and a bag allows them to bring their work supplies to and from the office. They’re also stylish and suitable for weekend activities and travel. Laptop bags are a good option for offices that have a small workforce, and you can also stuff them with other gifts, if you’re so inclined, like those Starbucks gift cards.

A Box of Chocolates

After gifts, what’s the next thing most associated with the holidays? That’s right: food! From now until the end of the year, we’ll be surrounded by delicious dishes of every kind—some of it healthy, but most of it not-so-healthy. You might as well lean into the unhealthy options (come on, it’s the holidays!) and give your employees some candy. Myron has elegant chocolate boxes that come with holiday greetings and customizable options. If you’d like a fancier version, we also have a truffle option.

Personalized Jackets

Well, it’s officially cold outside, so give your employees the gift of warmth with a cool jacket or windbreaker, complete your imprinted logo. This is another good option for an office with less people in it, but there’s no better way to instill company pride than to giving your employees some fashionable outerwear that they can use throughout the season. We’ve partnered with brands like Nike, Port Authority, and Sport-Tek to bring custom ¼ zip pullovers, microfleece vests, and hooded jackets. You personalize these with your company logo, department name, or a team moto—whatever you need to commemorate a successful year.

Custom Drinkware

The holidays are a celebration, and nothing helps a celebration quite like beer, wine, and cocktails. Myron has some of the coolest customized drinkware on the market. As your employees raise a glass during holiday gatherings with friends and family, give them the opportunity to do so with your brand included. You can choose between craft beer glasses, shot glasses, stemless wine cups, and anything else required to generate a festive and jubilant environment. This kind of stuff is also perfect to hand during holiday parties and happy hours.

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