The Best Technology Gifts for the Holidays

Whether it’s the smart wearables strapped to our wrists or the smart devices placed inside and outside our homes, technology products continue to be a major part of our lives. That’s why they continue to make excellent gifts for the holidays. All people use tech promotional items in one way or another. Employees, partners, vendors, and clients rely on them to succeed at work and at home, so it makes perfect sense to find the season’s best technology gifts. Even if gadgets aren’t your thing (or your business, for that matter), there are so many innovative products on the market that you really can’t go wrong. And they don’t all have to break the bank, either, which is ideal for those of us with large workforces. There are also plenty of technology products that make great stocking stuffers or white elephant material. In any case, buying tech gifts for the important people in your professional life is a safe bet this holiday season. Here are Myron’s recommendations for the best technology gifts for 2019.

Bluetooth Speakers
Let’s start with a big one. Portable wireless speakers are all the rage this year. People bring them to parties and on camping trips, and they’re even used in the office during important presentations or training sessions. Because they’re found in a wide variety of settings, the product types are diverse and multifunctional. Some Bluetooth speakers work in the garage or home office; others double as portable coolers that can carry food and beverages to fun events. Every occasion can use a Bluetooth speaker, and luckily for you, there’s a Bluetooth speaker for every occasion.

Ever since the iPhone first hit shelves, earbuds have replaced headphones as the preferred device for music fans on the go. They’re lightweight, efficient, and, not unlike Bluetooth speakers, available in a wide variety of forms. There are traditional options that plug directly into your device, as well as wireless earbuds that are on the cutting edge of technology. Many of Myron’s earbuds also come with custom carrying cases that ensure everything stays connected and in one place – no need to worry about digging for your wireless earbuds at the bottom of a cluttered bag or backpack.

Portable Phone Chargers
As much as we rely on our smart phones to get by at work and in life, they don’t offer a limitless supply of power. That’s why power banks are such a valuable gift—they promote efficiency and sustain productivity. Rather than scramble to find an electrical outlet or drop what they’re doing so they can preserve battery life, people can use their portable phone charger to plug in and keep moving. It’s a perfect example of a technology gift that’s both exciting and functional. A lot of people are still stuck on the idea that they can’t charge their phone while on the go. Give them a new lease on life with a custom power bank.

It’s one thing to make sure your phone is charged – what about the other smart devices that play such important roles in our lives? If your phone battery is running low, you better make sure that your tablet, smartwatch, and Bluetooth headphones are fully charged. That’s where a USB charging hub comes in handy: You can plug in multiple devices at once and make sure that everything is powered up and ready to go. They make great gifts because they eliminate the very modern fear of not having access to the devices that matter most, whether that’s in the workplace or at home. Rather than charge one device at a time, they can power up everything at once, letting them kill two birds with one stone. (Potentially three or four birds, depending on just how into technology products they are.)  

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