5 Creative Easter Marketing Tips

According to the National Retail Federation’s Easter Spending Survey, total spending for Easter, which includes purchases of apparel, decorations, gifts, candy, food, flowers and more, is expected to reach $16.4 billion in the US. With those figures in mind, it’s easy to understand why planning for Easter marketing and promotions is important for many businesses.

Your target market already knows Easter is coming, so where should you focus your efforts to make sure they think of your business first? Center your marketing events on convenience and recognition. Make sure your customers know you are available to help them make this an unforgettable Easter holiday. If you’re unsure how to get started, here are some fun and low cost marketing ideas that can help you engage your customers.

1. Send an ‘Easter egg’ over the mail

Adults love the thrill of the hunt, especially when it comes to bargains and free gifts. Send out post cards or business greeting cards with discount coupons inside them to encourage patrons to visit your business. This can be done over traditional mail or e-mail depending on your customer base. Want to take your direct mail promotion to the next level? Send customers an imprinted promotional pen with your company name and a coupon code they can redeem next time they visit your business. Promotional gifts guarantee additional exposure for your business after the initial offer has passed.

2. Easter grab bags

Modern consumers love convenience, and with a busy family holiday like Easter you can be sure people will be looking for ways to save time. Make shopping easy for your customers and find a way to sell items that don’t move as quickly in one fell swoop by creating themed basket bundles for children, spouses, mothers, fathers, etc. You can also bundle three or four smaller items in grab bags that sell for a low price. These are perfect little presents to keep by the cash register or near the door. The low price and convenience is sure to draw attention. For a polished look, use custom grab bags personalized with your business logo.

3. Easter themed social media contests

Invite your Facebook followers to submit their favorite Easter photos for a chance to win a prize. Engage the rest of your fans to vote for their favorite photo as the winner. If you are in the apparel, decoration or food industry you could also host a Pinterest board contest by asking your fans to create their ideal Easter outfit, table setting or party by pinning their favorite images. Encourage them to use images from your business’ website as well.
Make sure the prizes are attractive and useful. If you are giving away goods and services from your business make sure they are awarded before Easter so that customers can use their prize in time for their special celebration. This will also guarantee word of mouth advertising for your business.

4. Sponsor your town Easter egg hunt

Look into whether your town hosts a local Easter egg hunt for kids. You can offer to sponsor part of the costs or offer prizes in exchange for presence at the event and visibility on the related marketing material. This might be a great opportunity to raise awareness about your goods and services and it will give you the chance to talk to the parents while the kids are having fun in a safe environment.

5. Charity food drive

For many, Easter is a time to recognize the sacrifices made for them. To keep in the spirit of generosity, your business can organize a canned food drive for donations to your local foodbank. Ask patrons to bring in donations and give them a special discount coupon or small gift, like a custom sticky note pad, as a thank you. Either gesture will help strengthen your community while encouraging customers to think of your business.

There are plenty of incentives to promote your business this Easter so hop to it & Happy Marketing!

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