Get ready for National Nurses’ Week!

Ever wonder why National Nurses Week always falls on May 6-12? It’s a tribute to the May 12th birthday of Florence Nightingale, who founded modern nursing. She was a true heroine, but so is every nurse, every day. Show your appreciation for the nurses within your organization with some simple gestures.

Make their mealtimes easier
It’s tough for nurses to go grab something healthy to eat–they’re busy tending to others’ health. Myron’s Koozie Fun Lunch Cooler makes it simple to bring meals and snacks from home, and its insulated lining keeps it all fresh.

Help them stay hydrated
On your nurses’ most demanding days (the ones that end in Y!), they’ll be grateful for Myron’s 23 Oz. Frosted Promotional Bottle. Its locking flip top and retractable straw make sipping a cinch, and neon colors mean the bottle’s easy to spot, even on a crowded nurses’ station.

Provide a multifunctional writing tool
The Lifelines Multifunctional Pen was designed with medical pros in mind: It has a capactive stylus that works on almost any touchscreen (a real plus with the push toward electronic records-keeping) and a bright LED light that’s handy for taking notes and instructions, even in a dimmed hospital room.

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