4 Secrets of successful health fairs

May 3-9 is North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. Why not host a wellness event for your employees and community members? We’ve gathered the four biggest secrets for making a health fair a huge success–a business-booster, too.

Offer free screenings. Staying in good health can make people more resistant to on- and off-the-job mishaps. So make a few health tests available at your fair–free of charge! Blood-pressure and body-fat checks are always popular, and so are quick chair massages. Help attendees unwind on their own, too, with the gift of Myron’s Custom Star Shape Massager.

Cover your company’s or community’s top safety concerns. Research the types of injuries that most often occur in your business or town, then give presentations on how to avoid them. Try turning it into a word-scramble game (“What should you never climb to the top of: REDLAD”) and promise a free gift to players. Myron’s Travel Ear Plugs in Personalized Case are an affordable option for you to give to one and all for hearing protection on the go!

Reach out to local resources. Ask your local police or fire department, or Red Cross branch, to come conduct a seminar. A station where fair attendants can use a fire extinguisher or see CPR performed on a dummy is bound to draw a crowd. Reinforce these lessons by handing out Myron’s Health Mate Duo Pocket Pal Calendar with Notepad–its valuable reference material includes Red Cross first aid advice, plus tips on healthy eating, vitamins, and more.

Give everyone helpful take-home tools. Myron’s Personalized Champion’s Jump Rope and Logo Quantum Fitness Pedometer make it fun to get more exercise. And with your company’s name and logo on them, they’ll advertise your business, too.

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