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Items ideal for the last-minute traveler

Items ideal for the last-minute traveler

Summer is swiftly coming to an end, but while this popular travel season may be nearly over, many people are gearing up for one last vacation before the fall. Whether parents are porting their children to visit the grandparents before the school year or high school graduates are having one last hoorah with their buds before separating for college, businesses should consider the ways they can tailor their marketing efforts toward these last-minute travelers.

Depending on the type of services or products your company provides, your efforts may differ. Consider pairing your promotional strategies, such as through combining social media tactics with consumer giveaways. As you begin to target these individual groups of consumers, be sure to adopt the following.

Gift ideas for family travelers
Generally, travel options are much cheaper at the end of the summer, as beach towns, popular tourist spots and agencies are trying to inspire last-minute travelers to make one final trip before returning to the daily grind. Because of this, vacationing during the months of August and September tends to be a popular option among cost-conscious moms, as these deals allow them to both save money while enjoying a bit of free time with the family.

Targeting family travelers – mothers in particular – is a great way to get more consumers to interact with your brand. Consider a social media campaign that provides parents with cheap and easy travel ideas. Potential posts could include simple games children could play while traveling, packing hacks to save space and contests to promote followers to engage with your brand on its social networks. Additionally, distributing promotional products geared toward this crowd is a great way to not only promote further interaction, but also get mothers to spread the word about your company to her social circle.

Mothers traveling with small children would especially enjoy a promotional item like the 14 Oz. Thermal Mug With Spoon and Fork Set, as it can provide an easy place for kids to store their favorite treats while traveling.

Goodies for an all-American road trip
Whether college kids are getting together with their friends or young adults are gearing up for a Jack Kerouac-esque adventure, targeting those who enjoy living it up on the road could be a strong marketing tactic for your company. When targeting this group of consumers, select products that will adhere to the simple and carefree adventure they’re having on the road. Odds are, they’ve packed little more than the essentials – like clothing, food and music. For your social media campaign, post links that conform to this type of travel tactic. Send drivers to articles that chronicle the best roads to drive down in the fall, or those that list the must-see sites on the West coast.

These travelers will benefit from products that serve their simple and fun lifestyles. Opt for the travel essentials, as young drivers may forget to pick these items up on their own. The Compact First Aid Kit is an excellent choice because it comes with aspirin, bandages and hand wipes that could serve a variety of purposes on the open road.

Another great option that may be especially useful among millennial travelers would be the Personalized Set of Traveling Bags. These drawstring bags are ideal for storing dirty laundry or shoes, keeping potentially stinky items separated from other packed goods. As an added bonus, they’re both marked with pictures of clothing or shoes, so your consumers won’t mix them up as they’re driving from one place to another.

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