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Catering to the kitchen crowd

Catering to the kitchen crowd

When picking the perfect promotional products to distribute among your brand’s vast range of consumers, it’s important to tailor your selections to the target demographic at hand. If your business is searching for unique items that will benefit a variety of users, it’s essential to choose items that not only have a long shelf life, but that can also be used on a regular basis.

Selecting promotional products that can be used in the kitchen is one of the best ways to reach a greater consumer base, as many of the items can be adopted by several different target groups. Consider the following three categories of consumers who would appreciate and use these items.

The college kid essentials
This back-to-school season, focus on providing your younger consumer base with a series of items that will supplement their new lives in the college dorms. This demographic enjoys easy-to-use products that will help them quickly scarf down their chosen food items, meaning practical and long-lasting items are key. When targeting the college crowd, be sure to select something they can carry with them on the way to class, like the Personalized Salad Cup with Fork – ideal for the health-conscious student on-the-go. Alternatively, it’s always smart to select a timeless staple to supplement one food college kids can’t live without – pizza. Consider the Personalized Pizza Cutter for these students.

Gifts for the chefs
While younger consumers may benefit from products to make their culinary lives easier, other fans of your brand may prefer items to help greatly improve the quality of their cooking. These established chefs will want products they can add to their already impressive cooking utensil collection. For this crowd, a higher-quality item is key, as they will likely respond much better to a product that is more conducive to their refined culinary lifestyle. Opt for a Personalized Electric Salt & Pepper Mill, as it shows your consumers that you are equally as concerned with their food’s quality.

Goodies for the baker
Similarly to the consumer chef, the baker will benefit from products that will lead to better tasting foods. Baking is all about precision, from the way the cook reads the instructions to the number of teaspoons he adds to his cupcake mix. Pick an item that will best serve the baker and his favorite pastry products. Look into the Personalized Silicone Spatula, as this utensil is both sturdy and simple – perfect for any avid baker.

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