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Promoting National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month kicks off in April. Organizations that wish to celebrate this occasion have a number of potential activities in which they can participate, ranging from hosting their own companywide poetry contest to volunteering in the community to promote literacy.

Companies that wish to take part in service projects should consider venturing to organizations that serve children in the community. For example, visiting local schools or working with nonprofits are great ways to give back. Not only do these types of outings offer an ideal time during which companies can promote their brands, but they also allow workers to volunteer by giving back to other people, building both their professional experience and character in the process.

Volunteer with children’s organizations
This month is the perfect opportunity for businesses to celebrate literacy opportunities across the region. Visiting local schools to read popular poetry books may be one of the more fun ways that companies can take part in this holiday. Teachers frequently invite guests into their classrooms to help with reading and language initiatives. Choosing a theme, such as the poetry of Shel Silverstein or Dr. Seuss, allows business executives to craft an entire day surrounding the activity, including crafting fun contests for the children or distributing promotional products relevant to the author.

Business executives can also use this month to encourage workers to volunteer with the community long-term, fostering connections with local children’s groups and building relationships with educational professionals. Bosses looking to plug their employees into the community can work with groups to find volunteer opportunities, such as tutoring programs or special event planning teams. Tutoring relationships can be especially beneficial for younger employees who have a lot of free time and can more easily connect with students, such as volunteering in middle and high schools.

Sponsor a poetry event
During National Poetry Month, companies can hold an event for the surrounding community to better promote awareness for both the celebration and the brand. Since a number of poets from around the country are honoring this month by participating in spoken word events, businesses can either sponsor one of these pre-existing ones or host their own. For example, companies can create a poetry contest and promote it on their website or social networks, then invite finalists to a large celebration held by the organization. Prizes can include customized products relevant to the activity, such as executive pens.

Get employees involved
Aside from encouraging employees to volunteer in the community, there are many options for them to celebrate this month. The Academy of American Poets, the organization that first created National Poetry Month, suggests a number of event ideas on its website. Managers can dedicate a specified time during the work day where employees can participate in fun poetry activities, such as holding a contest among the staff to see who can write the best poem, or one that asks them to memorize their favorite poem. Additionally, managers should use this month to encourage workers to attend poetry readings, join reading groups or read at least one poetry anthology.

Distribute journals, notepads and memos
This month is the perfect time during which businesses can distribute promotional products. Whether they’re dolling out prizes for contests or giving items at an event, this month is ideal for spreading brand awareness. One option for these organizations is handing out personalized writing journals that feature the business’ name, then encouraging recipients to fill the book with their own writing. Smaller prizes could include customized notepads or logo pens, both of which encourage literacy in their own way.

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