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Customized drinkware can reach many customers

Customized drinkware can reach many customers

Whether people are carrying water along for a trip to the gym or leaving their favorite mug at their desk throughout the workday, they are constantly using – and perhaps without their knowledge – promoting drinkware items. These products hold potential for companies, ranging from handing out custom coffee mugs to giving away sports bottles.

According to the Promotional Products Association International, drinkware falls within the top five most popular products distributed, accounting for 7 percent of all items given out in 2013. There are a number of far-reaching benefits provided by promotional drinkware, including:

Drinkware has been proven to be long-lasting
Consumers are more likely to keep company items that are more useful. Findings from the Advertising Specialty Institute indicated that they kept 81 percent of distributed promotional products because they were functional, or contributed to a person’s daily operations. Specifically, researchers found that 32 percent of the glassware and ceramics that were handed out were used at least once per week, with 25 percent being used once per day. Additionally, 86 respondents who received drinkware kept them because they considered the items to be beneficial. By distributing items that people know they can put to good use, advertisers are more likely to get more bang for their buck with these products.

In addition to proving useful in a consumer’s daily life, drinkware products are typically long-lasting. The PPAI reported that the majority of promotional products are kept for at least two years, a number that only rises in conjunction with the perceived usefulness of the item. Durable drinkware has the potential to last for an extended period of time. ASI found that the majority of studied individuals kept glassware and ceramic products for more than a year, with the average rate of retention being seven months. Drinkware items that are kept for longer amounts of time lead to a greater exposure for the company, whether their brand is being seen by friends of the consumer or individuals they pass on their daily commute.

Consumers remember advertisers better
In a separate analysis conducted by ASI, the organization found that products with a higher rate of use led to consumers remembering more about the advertised company. The report states that 87 percent of respondents with glassware and ceramic products could remember the company on the item, due to the fact that they were used so frequently in a person’s home. Recipients who remember a company’s brand are more likely to use or recommend that brand in the future, especially if they do not possess a wide array of knowledge about a company’s specific area. For example, if a car insurance company advertised on a tumbler, the drinker may be more inclined to pursue that business first because they can quickly recall the name, and they can easily connect quality drinkware with the business’s image.

Myron offers number of products for companies
When it comes to drinkware, Myron offers a number of different products, materials, colors and prices. Companies looking to target office workers or executives should consider purchasing custom coffee mugs, as these products may be frequently displayed at a person’s desk. These ceramic items can be used on a daily basis, and provide a large face on which logos can be proudly displayed.

Younger demographics, such as college and high school students, may be intrigued by the selection of travel mugs and tumblers. Ideal for students running in between classes and needing to quickly refill water cups, these sturdy cups offer an ideal platform on which young adults can be reached.

More athletic crowds may be best pursued through the distribution of personalized sports bottles, which can be easily transported to the gym, taken on a run or used during a sporting event.

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