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March marks American Red Cross Month

March marks American Red Cross Month

Each March, the president of the United States recognizes the American Red Cross and all the good the organization does for individuals living throughout America. Founded in 1881, the Red Cross has aided millions of people through blood banks, disaster relief and educational seminars. According to its website, the company has worked in conjunction with government agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a number of local organizations to further increase awareness, and attract volunteers and supplies.

President highlights American Red Cross Month
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to coin March as the American Red Cross Month in 1943, according to the Red Cross website. Since then, each following president has highlighted the importance of the volunteers and workers who drive the initiative, raising awareness for its operations and assisting in recruiting additional helpers to fight for its cause. In a proclamation he posted on the White House’s website, President Barack Obama upheld this tradition by explaining the importance not only of the company, but also of the month itself.

“During American Red Cross Month, we honor those who devote themselves to bringing relief where there is suffering, inspiring hope where there is despair, and healing the wounds of disaster and war,” Obama said in the proclamation. “Today, American Red Cross workers, alongside countless humanitarian organizations and caring volunteers, deliver life-saving assistance in every corner of our Nation and all across the globe.”

The president highlighted the efforts set forth in 2013, when the American Red Cross provided assistance to Oklahoma families whose homes were ravaged by tornadoes. At the end of the proclamation, Obama expressed a call to action for American citizens, asking them to participate in events, activities and programs that support the organization and the people it assists.

On its website, the American Red Cross explains that the month serves to highlight the heroes within the company, especially those who give blood, take lifesaving classes and provide help to disaster victims.

Local organizations celebrate with awareness events
As American Red Cross Month kicks off, many communities have begun to hold and participate in programs for the company. From local blood drives to volunteer expeditions, towns have actively sought ways in which they can provide assistance. One county in North Carolina recently hosted an event to celebrate local workers. The Pitt County American Red Cross Month of March Heroes Campaign was open to the public, and provided a forum in which individuals in the community could connect with organizations and volunteers who aid the local chapter, according to Reflector. Participants were greeted with a number of opportunities by which they could give back and support the Pitt County branch.

The impact of promotional items for the company
Spreading awareness for American Red Cross Month can come in a number of ways, including distributing business promotional products for the organization. Handing out items, such as custom pens with local chapters’ information or note pads with the company’s logo, is a great way to spread commonly used items throughout the community, increasing the amount of publicity the organization receives.

Additionally, handing out more unique products during a fundraiser or after a blood drive may be a great way to attract more participants. For example, giving logo tote bags to individuals who donate blood or providing volunteers with promotional backpacks may further incentivize them to participate. These kind of promotional products can not only serve as daily reminders that participating individuals have contributed to the well-being of another human, but more useful products can continue to spread the organization’s mission and brand as they will be seen by a larger number of individuals in the community.

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